Donna is a municipality in the Italian Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta 2606 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).


The municipality is situated on the left bank of the Dora Baltea and consists of the districts Clapey, Montey, Vert, Pramotton.

The nearby towns are: Arnad, Bard, carema (TO), HÃ'ne, Perloz, Pont -Saint- Martin, Pontboset Quincinetto (TO), Trausella (TO) and Traversella (TO).


During the Fascist period it received the Italianate name Donas.


The place belongs to the wine region of Valle d' Aosta. The DOC red wine is mainly produced from Nebbiolo grapes.


At the northern end of the village the national road leads past a monumental fragment of a Roman trade route. It is about 220 m long and was beaten at the time of its formation from the rock. In the rocky bottom of this road clearly old wagon ruts are visible. In addition, an old rock arch spanning over this road and the side there is a column with Roman numerals inscription (XXXVI, the distance between Donnas and Aosta) that is connected to the rock wall. This site is particularly worth seeing because here with simple tools large amounts of hard rock were vertical and straight processed and such localities are generally only rarely preserved.

The ancient traffic moved from the south on this road received part to Augusta Praetoria Salassorum (Aosta) of the former Alpine passes of the Great and Little St. Bernard and in the reverse direction. At this road also still excellently preserved Roman bridge in Pont -Saint- Martin, a few kilometers south bridge site and two fragments in the north of Donnas belongs located in Saint- Vincent and Châtillon.