Gaby is a town in the Aosta Valley with 477 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2012).

The commune includes in addition to the main town ( here called Chef -lieu ) and Bouri, Desor Chanton, Chanton Desout, Crusmato, Gattinery, Gruba, Niel, Pont -de- Trentaz, Ruby, Desor Serta, Serta Desout, Tzen de la boa, per you Toucco, Yair Desout, Moulin, Palatz, Halberpein, Voury, Yair Desor, Zappegly and Zuino.

The neighboring communities are Andorno Micca (BI ), Brusson, Callabiana (BI ), Gressoney -Saint- Jean, Issime, Piedicavallo (BI ), Rassa (VC) and Sagliano Micca (BI ). Gaby is located in the Lys Valley and is a member of the Association of Municipalities Walser community Oberlystal (it. Comunità Montana Alta Valle del Lys Walser, French Communauté de Montagne Walser Haute Vallée du Lys). However, Gaby is not a linguistic island of Walser, it dominates the typical Val d'Aosta frankoprovenzalische dialect.


The village belonged to the church for a long time and was called Issime Issime -Saint -Michel, or overhead. In 1952 she gained the status of an independent parish. The name comes from Gaby " Gabbio " what formerly was known as a fenced private property.


The municipality spell consists to a large part of forests and crossed by small mountain streams. Thanks to the felt as relaxed mood, which the Cheflieu, but especially convey the hamlets around it, and also thanks to the cool, dry climate of summer tourism could develop in Gaby; Winter tourism is attributable, however, close to the ski resorts white mats in Gressoney -Saint -Jean and Gressoney Monterosa Ski -La -Trinité. How Gressoney -Saint- Jean, Gressoney -La- Trinité and Issime Gaby belongs to the Comunità Montana Alta Valle del Lys Walser.


A survey of Émile Chanoux Foundation from 2001 showed that Italian for 66.89 %, the traditional vernacular, the frankoprovenzalische dialect patois, for 23.83 % of the population native language is. 3.17% gave Piedmontese as their mother language.

As shown by many German place names in Gaby and Niel, it must also have been here sooner Walser German speaking inhabitants. For the hamlet Niel this was proven even in the first half of the 20th century the case. Linguistically, among the Walser by Gaby to those of Issime because they - unlike the Walser in Gressoney - according to the evidence of place names the monophthongization Middle High German diphthongs and no unrounding known (see names like Gruba Minischgut, Niilmatti, Hööji, rear ).