Saint-Vincent, Aosta Valley

Saint -Vincent is an Italian municipality in the autonomous region of Aosta Valley.

Saint -Vincent has 4687 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) and lies at an altitude of 550 m above sea level. M. on the left side of the arch of the Dora Baltea. In the village there is a famous casino.

In Saint -Vincent remains of an ancient Roman road bridge from the 1st century are on the way towards Montjovet BC to see over the stream Cillian, which was up to her (presumably triggered by an earthquake ) collapse in 1839 in use. After 1907 a further collapse also destroyed the remaining parts of the middle curve, today only a small arc on the right bank and a 21 m long piece ramp with old pavement are obtained. The bridge was part of the Roman consular road to Gaul.

The neighboring municipalities of Saint -Vincent are Ayas, Brusson, Châtillon, Emarèse and Montjovet.

During the Fascist period it received the name of San Vincenzo della Fonte Italianate.