Gressoney -Saint -Jean is a municipality in the Italian Aosta Valley.

Data and location

The municipality has 815 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2012).

It consists of the districts (Italian Frazioni, French Hameau ) Bieltschòcke, Bode, CHASCHTAL, Dresal, Loomatto ( Loomatten ) Méttelteil ( middle part ), Mettie, Noversch, obre Biel, obre Champsil, Obro Verdebio, Ònderteil ( lower part ), Ondre Biel, Ondre Champsil, Ondro Verdebio, PERLETOA, Predeloasch, Stobene, Trentostäg, Tschemenoal ( Chemonal ) Tschoarde, Tschossil, Woald.

It lies in the Lys Valley and is owned by the community association Walser community Oberlystal to (it. Comunità Montana Alta Valle del Lys Walser, French Communauté de Montagne Walser Haute Vallée du Lys). The neighboring municipalities are Ayas, Brusson, Gaby, Gressoney -La- Trinité, Rassa (VC) and Riva Valdobbia (VC ).

Language and History

The municipality has a population Walser and is therefore traditionally German. At Walser German dividing the community territory in the middle part and under part; the center of the village around the church is called space or destruction Chilchu.


The castle of the House of Savoy was built at the behest of Queen Margherita of Savoy as the summer residence of the late 19th century. In the castle there is an alpine botanical garden.