Club de Deportes Cobreloa is a Chilean football club based in Calama. In the 2011 season, the club plays in the top division of Chile, the Primera División. The club, founded in 1977 was an eight-time champion of Chile (1980, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1992, 2003 [ 2x], 2004).


The beginnings and the fast track to success

Club de Deportes Cobreloa was founded in 1977 in Calama, a city in northern Chile to Antofagasta and second largest city of Región de Antofagasta. The club was founded on January 7, 1977 called CD Cobreloa, which is due to a combination of the Spanish word for copper ( COBRE ) and the name of the largest river in Chile, the Río Loa Loa derived word. CD Cobreloa succeeded very quickly in the upper regions of the Primera División in Chile set. Cobreloa launched in the second Chilean football league, the Segunda División. In the very first season the club in fourth place behind Coquimbo Unido, CSD Rangers and CD Malleco Unido reached the summit in the Primera División after the rise playoffs were designed victorious.

While the other two climbers Coquimbo Unido and CSD Rangers again had to compete in the very first season, the transition into the second tier, CD Cobreloa could immediately reach a second place in the first division, one was at the end of the season four points behind CD Palestino, the thus Chilean football champion. In the following season once again managed a second place, this time behind CSD Colo -Colo, still the most successful Chilean football club. The qualification for the Copa Libertadores failed, however, they could not get in the playoffs prevail against CD O'Higgins from Rancagua and CF Universidad de Chile. Also in 1978, Cobreloa failed to qualify for the main competition in the South American club football.

Domestic honors and Libertadores finals

In the season 1980 CD Cobreloa won the Chilean soccer championship for the first time. A first place by three points was in the Primera División assigned to CF Universidad de Chile. For the first time Cobreloa now took part in the Copa Libertadores. In the tournament the following year it was in the group stage in a group with Universidad de Chile, and the Peruvian representatives Sporting Cristal and Atlético Torino First, what entitled to participate in the second group stage. There Cobreloa met the two Uruguayan traditional clubs Nacional and Penarol, both several times winner of the Copa Libertadores, and surprisingly won three of four games, only against last year's winner Nacional Montevideo played once Cobreloa 2-2 draw. This first place is CD Cobreloa qualified for the final where they met representatives of the Brazilian Flamengo Rio de Janeiro. 94,000 crowd at the legendary Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro Cobreloa defeated on November 13, 1981 against the team to later stars such as Zico or Tita with 1:2, where Zico scored a brace and Víctor Merello met for CD Cobreloa. The return match was played at the Estadio Nacional de Chile held in Santiago, as the home stadium of Cobreloa, the Estadio Municipal de Calama with its 20,000 seats was too small for a final match. Surprisingly Cobreloa won the return match 1-0 against Flamengo and forced again with a goal by Víctor Merello a play. This was won by Flamengo in Montevideo 2-0, again Zico scored twice.

In the 1981 season was Cobreloa second behind CSD Colo- Colo, but still managed to qualify for the Copa Libertadores, as it prevailed in the playoffs against CF Universidad de Chile, Naval de Talcahuano and Unión Española. The Copa Libertadores 1982 proved to be another very successful year for Cobreloa. In the first group stage first one was in a group with Colo- Colo and the Ecuadorian representatives Liga de Quito and Barcelona SC Guayaquil. Also in the second group phase could in turn prevail, this time against Club Olimpia of Paraguay from Asunción and the Colombian club Deportes Tolima. In the final CD Cobreloa met this time at CA Peñarol of Montevideo, Uruguay's capital. The Estadio Centenario Cobreloa reached a goalless draw, which was a good starting position on the return leg in Santiago de Chile. There, the team of coach Vicente Cantatore subject but with 0-1 against Peñarol. that for the fourth time in the Copa Libertadores won. In the same year Cobreloa won for the second time the national championship, managed a first place with four points ahead of CSD Colo -Colo. 1985 Cobreloa was again champion with two points ahead of CD Everton of Vina del Mar.

Time of the few successes

After CD Cobreloa 1985 champion, was a long time without significant success, which was interrupted only by the title of champion in 1988 and 1992. In the year after the championship in 1985 one was only third, but managed by Playoffs against CD Palestino, CD Cobresal and CD Huachipato still to qualify for the Copa Libertadores 1987. Nearly Cobreloa would be penetrated again to the final, but it failed only by a goal inferior goal difference against the Colombian club América de Cali, who took first place, and thus eligible for the final was this but then lost against CA Peñarol. The following year, failed to qualify for the Libertadores Cup. Cobreloa was second in the league had but to admit defeat in the playoffs CSD Colo -Colo. 1988 Cobreloa was after three years of Chilean football champions, three subdials to lay before CD Cobresal. In the Copa Libertadores in 1989, for which he had qualified, Cobreloa reached the quarterfinals, where you eliminated in only the second time discharged KO system against the Uruguayan representative Danubio FC.

1989 CD Cobreloa third parties, even in 1990 only seventh, sixth in 1991, all three times missed the club's participation in the Copa Libertadores. Only in 1992 could be celebrating a success again. At the national level succeeded CD Cobreloa winning the Chilean soccer championship by two points to CSD Colo -Colo. You could also participate in the 1993 Copa Libertadores. When the tournament is over was initially only just the group stage, in a group with CD Universidad Católica and the Bolivian teams Club Bolívar and Club San José you finished third and played in the second round against Club Cerro Porteño from Asunción, where Cobreloa with 1:1 and 0: 2 failed. The enemy, however, made ​​it to the semifinals, where he retired to eventual winners FC São Paulo. This was the last appearance of CD Cobreloa in continental football for a long time. After a few years in the upper middle of the Primera División for the first time you could qualify again for the Copa Libertadores 1999. In the Copa Libertadores 2000, however, the blow came after the preliminary round by a last place in a group with Club Bolívar, the Brazilian club Atlético Mineiro and CA Bella Vista from Uruguay.

Three more league titles and current development

At the beginning of the new millennium CD Cobreloa was also successful again. DC in 2000, we finished second in La Liga with nine points behind Colo -Colo. It was eligible to play for the Copa Libertadores in 2001 and reached the second round at the tournament where you eliminated against CA Rosario Central of Argentina. Two years later, CD Cobreloa was the first time in eleven years back Chilean football champions. In the meantime discharged Apertura - Clausura system with two half- series, which are all considered as independent championship, the club won the final against CSD Colo -Colo 4-0 and 0-0 and won the championship for the sixth time. The Torneo Clausura 2003 was designed victorious, the final was won again against Colo -Colo. In the Torneo Apertura 2004 Cobreloa again had the chance to defend their title, but failed in the final CF Universidad de Chile on penalties after return game had gone out without a winner. The Clausura 2004 contest could win then CD Cobreloa, in the final Unión Española was defeated 3-1 and 0-0. This title win is still the last one for Cobreloa.

Only in 2006, joined CD Cobreloa again in appearance than one would have almost reached the final of the championship. In the semi-final Colo- Colo but turned out to be too difficult opponent. In the Torneo Apertura 2008 finished CD Cobreloa even only a fifteenth place in the standings and had División for the first relegation from the Primera fear. By having a good Clausura, in which they came again into the semifinals and failed to Colo -Colo, Cobreloa prevented but the descent. In recent years, CD Cobreloa has fixed the Primera División in midfield. In the single-track due to the mining accident in San José 2010 season was one Fourteenth and escaped relegation only just.

Former Players

  • Chile Hector Puebla
  • Chile Alexis Sánchez
  • Chile Mario Soto
  • Argentina Marcelo Trobbiani
  • Chile Oscar Wirth


  • Chilean Championship: 8x (1980, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1992, Apertura 2003, Clausura 2003, Clausura 2004)
  • Participation in the Copa Libertadores: 13x