Fiat 1400

At the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of 1950 Fiat first reconstruction after the Second World War, the Fiat 1400 was presented as a four-door sedan and two-door convertible. He had a self-supporting body and a four-cylinder in-line engine with 1395 cc and a power output of 44 hp / 32 kW. About a 4 - speed gearbox with steering wheel gearshift, the rigid rear axle was driven. The top speed was 120 km / h

The Fiat produced from 1952 1900 had the same body, something better equipment and a motor with larger engines.

1953 appeared in the four-door body Fiats first passenger car diesel engine. The four- cylinder engine had a displacement of 1901 cm ³, a power output of 40 hp / 29 kW and was taken over by Fiat Campagnola SUV and light truck from the Fiat 615 N. The car reached max. 100 km / h Despite the larger displacement, the model was called Fiat 1400 Diesel.

1954 both models were reviewed and were now called Fiat 1400 A and 1400 A Fiat diesel. When gasoline engine power, the top speed increased to 50 hp / 37 kW to 125 km / h the diesel remained unchanged.

1956, the gasoline engine was revised again. The engine output of the Fiat 1400 B increased to 54 hp / 39.7 kW, the maximum speed to 136 km / h The production of diesel has been set. In 1958 the petrol engine was discontinued.

The gasoline engines were built in Austria near Steyr -Daimler -Puch in license and there equipped with larger engines.