Fiat Bravo (2007)

The Fiat Bravo is a compact cars the Italian brand Fiat. It was built from autumn 1995 to summer 2001 and replaced the Fiat Tipo.

From summer 2001 until early 2007, the successor model was marketed as the Fiat Stilo. Its successor is, in turn, Bravo. This model name Fiat wanted to take up the larger compared to the Stilo sales success of the first Bravo.

  • 2.1 trim levels
  • 2.2 engines

Bravo (Type 182)

Fiat Bravo (1995-2001)

The Fiat Bravo of the first generation was a three-door, five-door counterpart was called the Fiat Brava. The saloon and estate versions were marketed from mid- 1996 until the end of 2002 under the name Fiat Marea.

The Bravo was elected Car of the Year 1996. The buyer stood engines 48-113 kW are available:


* not available on the German market.

The naturally aspirated diesel offered at the time was replaced very early by motors of the first generation of turbo-diesel engines.

In autumn 1998 finally found a newly developed common rail diesel engine in the compact-car use. At the same time characterized as inelastic and thirsty 1.4 liter engine was removed from the program and replaced by a new 1.2 16V engine. These changes in the engine range was carried out as part of a facelift, with the smaller visual details and trim levels were revised. From then also included side airbags as standard equipment.

Available was the Bravo in the equipment variants S ( only 1.4 and 1.9D/TD ), SX (1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 1.9D/TD/JTD ), GT (initially only 1.8 and 1.9 JTD and later 1.6), and HGT (only 2.0).

According to the ADAC manufacturer's specification of E10 fuel for the model is " gasoline Bravo / Brava ( model number 182 ): 1.6 16V " not suitable.

  • Steel
  • Trofeo
  • Suite

Bravo (Type 198)

Fiat Bravo ( since 2007)

After the Fiat Stilo was leaked, the successor came again under the name Bravo on April 21, 2007 to the German market. The current model is offered exclusively as a five-door, rather than as in the first generation as a three-door. The name Brava, previously the five-door variant featuring accounted for.

The specialty of this vehicle was the complete development in a virtual environment at Magna Steyr in Austria. All stages as well as the crash simulations were performed on the computer. This Fiat was able to reduce the necessary for the development of prototypes to five copies. Previously, no other manufacturer had chosen this path. Thus, new methods were used during the development phase.

For international commercial an acoustic version of the title Meravigliosa Creatura found the Italian singer Gianna Nannini use. The success of the song and the spot helped the album pearl on a place in the sales charts of the top Italian 50th

Since 2008, the Fiat Bravo is also available in Australia under the name Ritmo ever used.

Equipment variants

With the 2012 model year, the program was restructured. The most powerful diesel engine accounted for replacement. In addition, the trim levels were renamed. They are now called Pop (replaces Active, not available in Germany ), Easy (replaces Dynamic ), lounge (replaces emotion) and sports. The spilled special " MyLife " was replaced by the variant " Street".