Fiat Dino

Fiat Dino 2000 Coupe ( 1967-1969 )

The Fiat Dino is a sports car that was launched by Fiat on the occasion of the one hundredth birthday of the founder, Giovanni Agnelli in the spring of 1966. First, the Spider -called Cabriolet, which in the spring of 1967, followed by the coupe appeared.


Dino is the short form of Alfredino, the diminutive of Alfredo, and was the nickname of Enzo Ferrari's son. Legend has it that Alfredo Ferrari on his deathbed in 1956 at the Ferrari deal Vittorio Jano, a proven and experienced race engine builder should have whispered the data for the V6 engine 's ear. Jano is said to have then designed this engine according to the specifications Alfredinos. This was from 1958 to 1960 used in the 1.5 -liter class of the formula 2. After several rule changes in the different racing classes, the unit also found in other competitions and was used in versions up to 3.0 liters. As 1966, the 1.6 -liter class was introduced, the Dino engine again returned to the Formula 2. For homologation production of at least 5,000 units was required. Since Ferrari was not able to produce such a quantity, Fiat took over to this task. Since the original shape of the engine was not suitable as a pure racing engine for production in large quantities, the engine has been revised in a number of features to make it production cheaper and practical for everyday use. This task was at Fiat, the designer Aurelio Lampredi. Lampredi presented including the engine block of aluminum on cast iron to simplified the chain drive camshaft dramatically and led the valve lash setting with overhead in the bucket tappets instead of sitting on the ends of the valve shim one. Some of these changes ( chain drive, valve clearance adjustment) have already been introduced in versions with aluminum block, others only with the cast iron block. Fiat supplied the engines also to Ferrari Dino 246 GT for. Ferrari announced for its own V6 always higher benefits than Fiat for his, although the engines differed in any performance-relevant details and all were manufactured by Fiat.


The car was produced in two body styles: as Dino Coupe, designed by Bertone, and as an open Dino Spider, with the design of Pininfarina.

Fiat Dino 2000 Spider ( 1966-1969 )


The Fiat Dino was offered with the following engines:

  • Six-cylinder V- engine with aluminum block, 1988 cc, three Weber carburetors, 118 kW ( 160 hp )
  • Six-cylinder V-engine with cast iron block, 2418 cc, three Weber carburetors, 132 kW ( 180 hp ) ( as of spring 1969)

Ferrari used the same engines for the introduction of the mid-engine concept in his road vehicles that were manufactured from 1968 under the brand Dino. The larger unit was the beginning of the 1970s also used in the Lancia Stratos, who won four world championships as a rally car.


Simultaneously with the introduction of the 2.4 liter engine in the spring of 1969 there was a subtle visual improvement. The front now had a revised grille, while the rear also modified rear lights were used.

Rear view

Fiat Dino 2400 Spider ( 1969-1972 )


In December 1972, the production of the Dino was terminated. A total of 7651 copies were manufactured.