Fiat Tempra

Fiat Tempra (1990-1993)

The Fiat Tempra is one to the summer of 1996 built by spring 1990 vehicle model of the lower middle class. He is the successor of the Fiat Regata and predecessor of the Fiat Marea series.

Two body styles were offered: a classic notchback sedan, as well as the presented in March 1991 Kombi, as the Tempra Station Wagon has been sold ( as 4WD, ie with all-wheel drive ), among others in Germany. In some countries, the estate version for commercial customers was sold as Marengo.

The car shared the platform and many components with the 1988 featured Fiat Tipo. Basically, the Fiat Tempra the notchback or estate version of the Fiat Tipo is, with few optical changes in the front end. He also had at that time already a galvanized body and 70 percent individual plastic covers, which was considered modern. He got away from the Tipo also its in a crash test more flexible body.

In early 1993, the Tempra was a facelift with a slightly different grille, reinforced body structure including side impact protection and airbags. This could significantly improve the safety reserves. There were some special models, including the series " Eleganza ".

In Turkey, the Tempra by the company Tofaş is still produced. In Brazil, the Tempra 1992-2000 as a two-door model as well as with 2.0-liter 16V engine (127 hp) and a two-liter turbo (165 hp) was built.

In the movie The American Tempra of the protagonist gets (aka George Clooney ) some attention.

Rear view

Fiat Tempra Station Wagon (1993-1996)