Fiat Multipla

Fiat Multipla (1999-2001)

The Fiat Multipla is to February 2010 January 1999 Van built by the Italian manufacturer Fiat. The platform and the engines of the Multipla derive the associated compact class, the Fiat Bravo.


As a special feature of the Multipla had a remote bar directly under the windscreen. In this bar the headlights for the high beam and center the Fiat logo with four bars were installed. This version of the Multipla is issued due to their unusual designs including the New York Museum of Modern Art. From the beginning of 2001 the emblem with the word FIAT was used in a laurel wreath.

Besides design, the interior concept is determined by an unusual event. Like the later introduced Honda FR-V has the Multipla six individual seats in two rows. It can be ordered from the factory with either six individual seats or with five seats and a built-in multifunction including cooling box between the two front seats.

The body of the Multipla was based on a steel space-frame concept that had developed Fiat. Although this construction method results in higher unit costs in production, but requires much less investment in production facilities and is fast adaptable to different body shapes. Therefore it is well suited for this, to produce variants in smaller quantities. The Multipla was the first vehicle of this design pattern, followed by the Fiat Stilo and the new version of the Fiat Bravo.

In addition, a special feature comes with the engine: The Multipla, besides the classical internal combustion engines, petrol or diesel as BluPower ( from mid-2004: Natural Power ) can be purchased with a purely gas-powered engine and four pressure cylinders on the car underbody or as BiPower with a bivalent engine. In the latter variant, it is powered by natural gas from three gas cylinders on the car underbody or petrol. The extended space required for the petrol tank of the trunk is limited by a spare tire in this case, that's sunk in all the other models under the boot. Since the bivalent engine must be set to gasoline, it loses some of its power when it is powered by natural gas.

Rear view

In June 2004, the Multipla was in Italy ( in Germany in September 2004) with a revised exterior design on the market. The characteristic gap between the hood and windshield fell away.

Rear view

In April 2006, there were other minor changes in the Multipla. New fabrics and a revised instrument graphics should enhance the van.

In early 2008 the sales in Germany was ended. In February 2010, production of the Multipla was set in Italy.


The versions with petrol engines are E10 - compatibility.

In the Press

The magazine Der Spiegel chose the Multipla in February 2009 as one of the ten ugliest cars of all time.

In a vote of Auto Bild online to the " most embarrassing cars of all time " in May 2011, the Multipla landed on the first place.