Fiat Duna

Fiat Duna Weekend (1987-1991)

The Fiat Duna was a car model of the Italian car manufacturer Fiat. It was produced by the beginning of 1987 until the end of 2000.

The Duna based on the extended platform of Uno. He differed from Uno externally through its notchback, side plate beads ( like the Fiorino ), which over the fenders and hood pulled down by the chrome trim. The rear suspension to trapezoidal wishbones and damper struts goes back to the Fiat 128. Produced the Duna in Italy, in Argentina (until 2000) and Brazil (until 1995 ) as the Fiat Prêmio. As Premio he was available as a two-door sedan.

Contributed significantly to the success of Duna has its big for this class of vehicle trunk. In Italy, the Duna Combi for commercial use in a three-door variant as Fiat " Penny " was sold. The rear side windows were replaced by metal sheets in this model; the integrated cargo space was also separated from the driver's compartment by a guard. As engines a 1.1 - liter gasoline engine with 58 hp and a 1.7 - liter diesel with 60 hp were used. The estate version was first called Duna Weekend, but was renamed after the setting of the sedan in late 1991 in Fiat Elba. The Elba was offered in Italy under the brand name Innocenti. In Germany the Duna of market strategic reasons was not offered.

Fiat Premio as a two-door sedan

Fiat Penny