Fiat Regata

Fiat Regata (1983-1990)

The Fiat Regata (type 138 ) is a January 1990 built up from August 1983 passenger car model of the Italian car manufacturer Fiat. The lower middle class associated Regata based on the platform of the Fiat Ritmo, as well as the technically related models Seat Malaga and Ronda.


The Fiat Regata was initially offered only as a four-door sedan with a notchback. In September 1984, the five-door station wagon, which was the usual Fiat additional designation Weekend followed. The sold in small numbers van variant was called Fiat Marengo.

The Regata Weekend features a two -piece tailgate. The upper part was carried out with the bumper and finally the lower door sill and including a part of the bumper could be folded down. In addition, the lower door could stay open even while driving in order to facilitate the transport of long objects.

Technically, the Regata is closely related to the presented in April 1978 Fiat Ritmo, which is the corresponding hatchback counterpart of the Regata.

Fiat Regata Weekend (1984-1990)


Engine variants

From early 1985 to mid- 1987, the Regata 70 ES was offered ( for ES Energy Saving ), which should save by visual and technical modifications gasoline. Externally it differed by wind deflector on the front side windows, special wheel covers, which served to improve the aerodynamics, and a generally dull black rubber rear spoiler on the trunk lid from the other models. Technical features were the map-controlled, electronic ignition system Digiplex and the start -stop system Automatic City: when the function of the engine could be turned off by pressing a button and started again with the throttle pressure.

Landing gear

The Regata has an independent suspension front and rear. At the front wishbones with spring / damper struts and stabilizers are used. Back there trapezoidal wishbones with damper struts, a transversely stretched between both wishbone leaf spring and rubber stopper against chassis punches. Toe and camber front and rear are adjustable.

The braking system comprises a hydraulic dual-circuit brake with the brake booster, and a stress reducer to the rear axle. Front disc brakes are fitted with Einkolbenschwimmsätteln and drum brakes on the rear wheels.

Special models

  • Regata Antares (1988 ) 70C and 85C in the versions for the UK market, decorative strips, sunroof, painting in " bordeaux red" or " mirage gray"
  • Regata breeze ( 1985), Glashubdach, decorative strips, wheel covers with sail - optics, radio Blaupunkt Mainz
  • Regata Quarzo (1985 )
  • Regata Weekend Riviera ( 1987), decorative strips, metallic paint and special plaid seat covers