Gerardmer [ ʒeʀaʀme ] ( German Gerardmer Lake, medieval Geroldsee ) is a commune in the Vosges department in Lorraine. With 8561 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) Gerardmer is the third largest municipality in the department. It belongs to the district of Saint- Dié -des-Vosges, is the capital ( chef-lieu ) of the Canton of Gerardmer and which was established in 2003 Kommunalverband Lacs et Rupts skin.

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The city lies on the shores of Lake Gerardmer in the wooded area of southwestern Vosges. The area of ​​the urban area is 54.78 km ², of which 37.21 km ² wooded. The city stretches from the valley of the Vologne that flows from the Lac de Gerardmer, the ridges high. The municipality is part of the Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges.

Gerardmer to include the districts Kichompré, Le Kertoff, La Haie- griselle, Les Xettes, Le Costet - Beillard, La Rayée and La Goutte du Chat.

Neighboring communities of Gerardmer are Granges -sur- Vologne, Barbey - Seroux and Arrentès -de- Corcieux in the north, Gerbépal in the northeast, La Bresse to the east, La Bresse and Rochesson in the south, Sapois in the southwest, La Bresse to the west and Liézey in northwest.


The town was founded in the 13th century and was first mentioned in 1285 ( Geramer ). It is named after Gérard d' Alsace ( Alsace Gerhard von, 1030-1070 ). The place name has varied over the centuries, often, such as to Giramoix ( 1343 ), Geroltzsee ( 1484 ), Gyraulmey ( 1556 ), Jerosmé ( 1663 ). Since 1779 the present form will be used.

The earlier history is closely linked with that of the Duchy of Lorraine.

1875 is the first tourism office in France was established in Gerardmer. Since that time, the place known as " Pearl of the Vosges " and was as attractive resort for Parisians who were arriving by the new railway.

Under the Second World War Gerardmer suffered particularly severe. The place was occupied on 22 June 1940 by the German army. On 17 November 1944, fleeing from the advancing French German forces put the place on fire and blew up utilities for water and electricity. As on November 19, marched the first French units, they found a destruction of 85 % of the city. The responsible German General Hermann Balck was sentenced in absentia in 1950 by the Paris military court to 20 years of forced labor, but his sentence had never compete.



The most important industry is the wood processing ( sawmills, furniture manufacturing, housing construction ) due to the forest wealth. In addition, tourism also plays a significant role (such as there is here a casino ). In the city there are many hotels and in summer as in winter, the number of tourists in comparison to the number of inhabitants remarkable.


Since 1994, the festival is held annually to international du film fantastique.


Gerardmer partners with Le Locle in Switzerland and Waremme in Belgium.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Mathieu Martinez ( b. 1982 ), Nordic combined
  • Maxime Laheurte (* 1985), Nordic combined