Haselau is a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein.

Geography and transport

Haselau is located about 10 km south of Elmshorn, and 10 km west of Pinneberg in a rural environment. To the east runs the federal highway 431 from Wedel to Elmshorn.

The municipality is located on the lower Elbe and the Pinnau in Haseldorfer march. Haselau borders the municipalities Hetlingen, Haselsdorf, Heist and Moorrege. The place consists of the village and the villages Haselau Hohenhorst and Altendeich.


The first mention was made in 1224 with the Knights Haselau, the oldest building is the 14th- century church. Haselaus Holy Epiphany Church has the oldest bell in the district of Pinneberg, the little hour bell dates from the 13th century.

The 1251 first mentioned parish Haselau emerged from the defunct in the Elbfluten parish Bishorst. The church of the village Bishorst was 1532, the rest of 1745 destroyed by storm surges.


Of the eleven seats in the municipal council have the CDU and the voter community FWH since the municipal election in 2008 of five seats, the SPD has a seat

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Argent, a blue wave bar between three 2: put one fruit of the hazel bush with red nuts and green bracts. "

Culture and sights

The Epiphany Church is located in a small park-like cemetery. Inside, the church has an altar of Christian Precht in the style of the North German Baroque. The altar is complemented by a large ceiling paintings of Hinrich Stuhr back to 1685 and a wooden pulpit from 1641.

Haselau has a village museum, the Historical Collection Haselau. Here old craft tools and old household items are collected and treated by a group of volunteers. Get is the historic Castle grave site to the old moat. Here once stood the castle of the Knights of Haselau and later an old mansion, which was demolished due to disrepair.

Just before the church is the historic stallion station of the Holsteiner Verband. It is the oldest operating stallion station in Schleswig -Holstein, established in 1906.

In the district Hohenhorst the leisure facility Deekenhörn is a pond near the dike.


Haselau has a restaurant with a hotel in the district of Haselau. In the district Hohenhorst are another restaurant and three cafes.