Hasloh is a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein.

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Hasloh located north of the city of Hamburg, Norderstedt west of, east of Pinneberg and south of Quickborn.

Hasloh is right on the highway 4 east of the site the Federal Highway 7 passes through the village leads the line A 1 AKN. The place thus has access to the transport network of the HVV. Hamburg Airport is approximately 20 minutes, in the City of Hamburg 25 minutes by car


The first written mention dates back to 1253, when the village still called Herslo. Herslo goes back to an Indo-European root word meaning " marshy, flat surface ." At that time a Hartmannus Dominus de Herslo, so Mr. Hartmann of Herslo appeared as a witness. In the 16th century belonged to the Hasloh Official Register of the District 's Clamer Heine to the forest bailiwick, along with Lokstedt, Niendorf, Garstedt Quickborn, Rentzel, Winzeldorf, Bönningstedt, Schnelsen and Hummelsbüttel.

On September 6, 1971 was forced to land on a not yet opened section of the Federal Highway 7 immediately after taking off from Hamburg airport a machine of Paninternational with 121 people on board at Hasloh. The BAC One-Eleven collided with a motorway bridge and broke into several parts, where 22 people were killed. In the tanks for the water injection to improve the startup performance of the engines kerosene had been filled instead of pure demineralized water accidentally addition. (see: aircraft accident Hasloh )


Hasloh has an Evangelical Lutheran church, which belongs to the parish Quick Born- Hasloh and the church circle Niendorf. Five kilometers from Haslohs center is the Catholic Church of St. Mary, Quickborn.


1 January 2013 Hasloh left the office Pinnau, now has the status of an official free community and has since been managed under an administrative community of the city Quickborn.

Municipal council

Of the 17 seats in the municipal council, the SPD has since the local elections in 2013 nine seats, six seats, the CDU and the FDP two.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " left diagonally divided by gold and blue. Above a red veined black rose with a golden cup and green leaf tips, cut off the bottom of an upright golden branch golden oak leaf, including on the same branch of a stem with a golden, erect penis and a downward pointing acorn shell. "

The place name Hasloh indicates that the place has been established in a " swampy forest area " ( Loh ), in which the deer ( Has = derivative of Hertes or Hard = deer ) was indigenous. The administrative affiliation of the community for future forest bailiwick of the reign Pinneberg confirmed this based on the place name assumption. The characteristic oak forests had for long. Here oak bark was obtained for the tanning of hides and skins Even at the end of the 19th century. Oak leaf and acorn in the arms of Hasloh recall the importance of the oak forests of the place. A black rose bred for the first time beginning of the 1930s the Hasloher rose growers Max Krause. She became world famous under the name " Nigrette ". At this floristic merit of Hasloher citizen recalls the character of Rose in the arms.

Culture and sights


An actual park in the town center has not Hasloh. But on the road to Tangstedt is the Pentecostal forest. Every year, on Pentecost Sunday meet there the inhabitants to jointly celebrate the Feast of Pentecost with a cool drink and taking in the sounds of Musikzugs the volunteer fire department Hasloh.


Biggest sports club is the TuS Hasloh of 1928. The association has 846 members, of which around 400 young people and offers sports in more than 20 divisions to. Including football, athletics, karate and volleyball. Three grass playing fields and a large sports hall used by TuS. In 1998, the athletes home with locker rooms, sports rooms, offices and a club room was completed.

Public institutions

The People Game Stage Hasloh conducts regular pieces in the hall of the country inn Schadendorf at the Kieler Straße on.


The only local school is the Peter Lunding - school, a primary school. She was handed over to their destination on 15 January 1952. Secondary schools are located in Bönningstedt and in Quickborn.


Since the year 2013, the azv Broadband GmbH operates its own fiber optic network. The technical basis is based on fiber to the home and provides a data transfer rate from the present 50 Mbit / s ( symmetric).


The resident in Hasloh Sprinter Jobst Hirscht won a bronze medal in 1972 in the final of the 4x100 m relay at the Olympic Games.


Willy Fresch ( born April 1, 1927 in Hamburg, † January 18, 2010 ibid ) lived since 1976 in Hasloh, founded the local people play stage.