Prisdorf is located in the district of Pinneberg, at the highway 107 between Pinneberg and Tornesch in the largest nursery area in Europe is a municipality in the southwest of Schleswig-Holstein.

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Geographical Location

Prisdorf lies in belonging to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region Pinneberg district, between the city of Pinneberg and the communities Kummer field, and Appen Tornesch.


The first written mention of Prisdorf dates from 1342 with Villa Britzerdorpe. The Peinerhof was first documented in 1477 mentioned with Peyne. 1883 began with the regulation of upper Pinnau and a short time later with the Bilsbek to the winter floods in the Pinnau Bilsbekniederungen to master.

Population Development

The development of the number of inhabitants in the years 1939 to 1955 is mainly due to the inclusion of evacuated hamburgers and expellees from the eastern territories. In the context of the then conducted resettlement was partly a relief for the community, which is also reflected in the population figures. From 1960, the reported population figures are to be considered as real. The development of this point from results due to the construction activity in the community, in particular caused by the peripherality to Hamburg and Pinneberg.


Prisdorf has a railway station on the route from Hamburg Hbf. to Kiel or Hamburg- Altona to Westerland.


Since the local elections of 2008, the CDU has nine seats, the voter community BBP five and the SPD three seats in the municipal council.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In the wave cut shared by silver and red top, a red heraldic rose with silver sepals and silver slugs next to a blue wheel with eight spokes, below the silver nettle leaf Holstein. "

Culture and sights