Tangstedt, Pinneberg

Tangstedt is a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein. Chance of it is confused with the same name in Stormarn, which is only 16 km east of Norderstedt.

Geography and transport

The community Tangstedt bordered to the west on the community Borstel- Hohenraden, on the north by the town of Quickborn, on the east by the municipalities Hasloh and Bönningstedt and on the south by the municipalities Ellerbek and Rellingen well as the city of Pinneberg.

By Tangstedt the river Pinnau, which rises in Henstedt -Ulzburg and flows into the Elbe flows.

Tangstedt is located on a county road between Rellingen and Hasloh (village road). The highways 23 and 7 are within a short distance. On public transport Tangstedt is connected via the bus lines 395 and 595 of the HVV.


Tangstedt is one of the oldest settlements in this area. The first mention was made in 1242 in the National Archives under " Tangstede ". A long time it was thought that the name goes back to the proper name " Thanco ". Recent findings assume that the name Tangstedt its reasoning found in characteristic Tangstedt terrain formations of glacial Sanders, surrounding several small bogs.

The Wulfsmühle is already 1382 is documented. Since the 14th century Tangstedt belongs to the parish of Rellingen. A school was first mentioned in 1719.

Some streets have been named after the late mayors. For example, there is a Jacob Behrmann - way or a mayor - Eggerstedtstrasse pathway. Even after the former schoolmaster Hermann Krohn, a street was named.

Since 2003, the population of Tangstedt has grown by two construction sites by about ten percent. It is the 'Small Twiete ' with eleven houses and about the ' Steenacker ' in the center with 70 houses. Tangstedt consists almost exclusively of detached houses in single-storey construction. At the entrance to an industrial park is being planned.


Of the 17 seats in the municipal council, the FDP had after the local elections 2008 nine seats and the CDU eight. Following the departure of a community representative of the FDP in 2012 this seat was not refilled, so both factions now have eight seats.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " left diagonally divided in wave cut. Up in Silver a left -turned, left diagonal Asked blue pliers, below in red a silver millstone, next to a upright silver wolf. "

Culture and sights

One of the most beautiful destinations is the Wulfsmühle with a larger lake and a golf course. In Tangstedt there are many beautiful farms and also a riding stable. An extensive network of trails offers many opportunities for long walks through the expansive landscape.


The main industry in Tangstedt is the agriculture and forestry. Also located in the municipality of good craft and commercial establishments. In 2006, started planning a 40,000 m² commercial area.