Irndorf is a municipality in the district of Tuttlingen in Baden- Württemberg. The municipality Irndorf apart from the village Irndorf There are no other villages.

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Geographical location

The small spa resort Irndorf lies on the Great Heuberg, a plateau of the Swabian Alb near the escarpment to the Danube Valley in the Upper Danube Nature Park. The ground is in places heavily karstified, with numerous depressions and sinkholes. In the north, the local situation Irndorf is an important nature reserve which Irndorfer Hardt, with a total area of ​​103 hectares. The Irndorfer Hardt in around 900 meters above sea level is in the form of a trough. It lacks the outflow which often makes it a Kältesee. In it, many immigrants in the Ice Age rare plants have settled, which are otherwise ( about 1000 meters higher in the mountains) can only be found in sub-alpine areas. The conservation area was designated by the then chief official Tuttlingen already in 1938 and has today a unique biodiversity.

Neighboring communities

The municipality is bordered to the north by Nusplingen in Zollernalbkreis, to the east by Schwenningen and on the south by Beuron, both in the district of Sigmaringen and to the west by Bärenthal.


Irndorf was founded in 1094 by a nobleman of the monastery Beuron called Ullrich of Urendorf. Centuries later Urendorf was renamed Ürendorf the Monastery of All Saints in Schaffhausen. Of the various ecclesiastical and secular lords who ruled the village until 1806, stand out above all the counts of Zollern and the Lords of Enzberg. After that, the village came to Württemberg. In the district, there was the now- searchable castle rock gap.

For centuries, the church bore the name mislead village until it was finally renamed Irndorf 1972. The name change was made on the basis of a document which was found during restoration work in the old cemetery church.


The municipality is a member of the local government association Danube Heuberg based in Fridingen on the Danube.


2003 Norbert Zerr, who raced against then- incumbent George Zindeler, elected mayor of Irndorf. The former detective dared previously been two unsuccessful attempts in Hausen ob Verena ( Landkreis Tuttlingen ) and Villingen village ( district of Rottweil ), Mayor to be. After only two years in office in Irndorf he applied for the mayoral election in Schomberg ( Zollernalbkreis ), subject to there but on April 10, 2005 Karl -Josef Sprenger. Later, after nearly seven years in office, he competed in Sonnenbühl (Landkreis Reutlingen), subject to there but again ( 11 October 2009 against Uwe Morgenstern ). He stood on 16 January 2011, the re-election. As a counter- candidate went to CDU member Rudolf Fluck, who had already applied for the mayoral election in Guetenbach (Schwarzwald -Baar -Kreis). Rudolf Fluck was chosen at a high turnout of 88.9 percent in the first ballot for mayor. He took up in April 2011 The Office.

  • To 1995: Herbert Fußnegger
  • 1995-2003: Georg Zindeler
  • 2003-2011: Norbert Zerr (CDU )
  • Since 2011: Rudolf Fluck (CDU )

Culture and sights

Irndorf is located on the Hohenzollern street. The municipality is the Tourist " Donaubergland " connected.

Natural Monuments

  • The calibration is a big limestone rock with wall heights of over 70 meters and is known by the look eastward towards the castle Werenwag. The rock is located on the left side of the valley opposite the Wildenstein Castle.
  • A view of the Danube valley offer also the other two rocks Irndorfs, the gap rocks and rough stone.

Regular events

The Irndorfer betting mowing is organized annually since 1978 Sensenmähwettbewerb for amateurs, professionals and celebrities, the Irndorf has made known far beyond the borders of the region, with participants from France, Switzerland, Austria and Spain. The winner receives the "Golden Sense". Among the participants at the " Celebrity Betting mow " were among other television presenter Hansy Vogt, politician Guido Wolf, actor Michael Hunter and radio host Paul Sebastian.


The communities Bärenthal, Irndorf, Nusplingen and Schwenningen created in 2011 a joint network of trails for winter sports. After the connection of the newly created trail could be created to grace hamlet on the Indorfer trail network, was now the merger with the existing Nusplingen and Schwenniger trails through the Irndorfer Hardt an extensive ski area for cross-country skiing.



  • 2008: Herbert Fußnegger ( born 1940 ), former mayor