Jamie Redman

Jamie Redman ( born July 19, 1986 in Spokane ) is an American rower and two-time world champion in the eighth.

Redman started in 2004 with the rowing, 2007, she won the bronze medal with the U.S. eight in the U23 World Championships. In 2008 she won the eight at the U23 World Regatta. The World Rowing Championships in Poznan 2009 she attended along with Amanda Polk, Elle Logan and Esther Lofgren in four without coxswain second place behind the boat from the Netherlands. 2010 changed the rowers in the eighth and won the title at the World Championships in New Zealand in the cast Anna Goodale, Amanda Polk, Jamie Redman, Taylor pinion, Esther Lofgren, Elle Logan, Meghan Musnicki, Katherine Glessner and coxswain Mary Whipple. 2011 defended the American Roller with Zsuzsanna Francia and Caroline Lind for Glessner Goodale and the title at the World Championships in Bled.