Ute Steindorf

Ute stone village ( born August 26, 1957 in Wolfen ) is a former rower from the German Democratic Republic. 1980 she succeeded in two without coxswain of the Olympic victory.

Ute stone village began with the engine Raguhn and then moved to SC DHfK Leipzig. There she met Cornelia bow with which they won together in 1975 Spartakiade silver and bronze in two in the aft. 1976 were both ready as a substitute rowers for the team at the 1976 Olympic Games. 1977 changed stone village and temple in the GDR eight, who won the world title in the cast Cornelia bracket, Ute stone village, Gabriele Lohs, Kersten Neisser, Marita Sand, Andrea Kurth, Bianka Swede Karin Metze and tax Sabine Hess in Amsterdam. From 1978 stone village and temple formed a two without coxswain, who won in New Zealand and 1979 in Bled at the 1978 World Cup. 1980 married Cornelia bracket, and the duo Ute stone village and Cornelia Klier won at the 1980 Olympic Games gold medal. For this success Ute stone village was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in silver ausgezeichnet.1982 she sat once more in the aft and erruderte a bronze medal at the World Championships in Lucerne.