Doina Ignat

Doina Ignat ( born December 20, 1968 in Miorcani, county Botosani ) is a former Romanian rower. With four Olympic gold medals and one silver medal she is one of the most successful rowers.


Doina Ignat attended a lyceum in Botosani, when she was discovered at the age of 15 years of Nicolae Gioga for rowing. Ignat moved to the Romanian capital, where she started from 1984 for Steaua Bucharest. At the University of George Bacovia Bacau she later studied sports.

1986 Ignat appeared internationally in appearance as she placed fifth in the one at the Junior World Championships in Račice u Štětí for the first time. Your first medal she won at the World Rowing Championships in 1991 in Vienna, when she won bronze with the Romanian sculls. At the Olympic Games in 1992, the Romanian sculls won silver behind the German boat. Constanta Pipotă, Veronica Cochelea Doina Ignat and from the quadruple sculls changed in 1993 in the Romanian and eight were with this boat 1993 world champion. Cochelea and Ignat were 1994 World Cup in the aft third and fourth in the coxless four and in 1995 vice world champion in the eighth. Together with Anca Doina Ignat Tănase came at the 1995 World Championships in Tampere also in two coxless sixth.

1996 won the Romanian eighth in Atlanta Olympic gold in the cast Anca Tănase, Veronica Cochelea, Liliana Gafencu, Doina Spîrcu, Ioana Olteanu, Elisabeta Lipa, Marioara Popescu, Doina Ignat and control Elena Georgescu. Ignat fought with the staff largely constant rollercoaster in 1997, 1998 and 1999 the world title. She was also 1997 World silver medalist in the coxless four and 1998 World Cup third parties in the double sculls with Ioana Olteanu. At the World Championships in 1999 and missed Ignat Olteanu in the same discipline, the A-final and only came to a disappointing tenth.

In 2000, Doina Ignat Steaua left after 16 years of club membership and moved to Dinamo Bucharest.

2000 won the Romanian rollercoaster again gold at the Olympics, with it were Georgeta Damian, Viorica Susanu, Ioana Olteanu, Veronica Cochelea, Elisabeta Lipa, Mary Magdalene Dumitrache, Liliana Gafencu, Doina Ignat, Elena Georgescu. Together with Georgeta Damian won Ignat additionally gold in the coxless pairs. After the Olympic Games in Sydney Ignat took a break from competition and in 2001 was the mother of a girl. In 2002 she returned to Snagov and took the helm training again.

In the 2003 World Cup Ignat was back in the Romanian eighth and was runner-up behind the German boat. 2004 won the Romanian roller for the third consecutive Olympic gold. Gafencu, Georgescu, Lipa and Ignat were for the third time, Susanu and Damian for the second time, Rodica Florea, Aurica Bărăscu and Ioana Papuc won for the first time eight - gold.

2007, the Romanian aft with Ignat was again runner-up. At the helm European Championships 2007 in Poznan also the title could be won. 2008 Ignat won their last Olympic medal, a bronze, Romanian with the eighth. In September 2008, she defended the Romanian aft the title at the European Championships and then pulled back from active competitive sports.

Since 2009, Doina Ignat looked at Dinamo Bucharest the four sports departments Rowing, Fencing, Gymnastics and canoe racing.


In August 2008, received Doina Ignat by President Traian Basescu the Order of Merit " Meritul sporty " III. Class with two stripes.