Helma Lehmann

Helma Lehmann ( born June 23, 1953 in Plaue Havel as Helma Moravia ) is a former rower from the German Democratic Republic, which took for the SC Dynamo Berlin. In 1976, she won the Olympic gold medal with the eighth.

Helma Moravia occupied in 1973 at the European Championships in Moscow with the DDR - aft second place behind the boat from the Soviet Union. In 1974, she appeared as Helma Lehmann. At the World Championships in 1974 in Lucerne aft from East Germany won the world title in the cast Doris Mosig, Gunhild Blanke, Irina Müller, Brigitte Ahren wood, Bianka Swede, Ilona Richter, Henrietta Dobler, Helma Lehmann and tax Sabine Brinckerhoff. Thus, the DDR - eight had ever won the first World Championship title. 1975 won the GDR roller and the second world title, but Helma Lehmann was not there. Together with Henrietta Dobler, Dagmar Bauer, Irina Müller and Sabine Brinckerhoff she won at the World Rowing Championships in 1975 in Nottingham the title in foursomes with control women. With the Olympic debut in the women's rowing in 1976 in Montreal Helma Lehmann was back in eighth. In the occupation Viola Goretzki, Christiane Knetsch, Ilona Richter, Brigitte Ahren wood, Monika Kallies, Henrietta Ebert, Helma Lehmann, Irina Müller and Ms Marina Wilke control of DDR eight also won the first Olympic gold medal in the eights.

For their sporting successes it was 1974 and 1976 awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit.