Mary Whipple

Mary Whipple ( born May 10, 1980 in Sacramento ) is an American rower, it is two -time Olympic gold medalist and five -time World Champion.

Whipple was coxswain of the U.S. rowing eight at the Junior World Championships in 1998 in Linz and took there with their boat to fifth place. From 2001 it belonged to the crew of the U.S. rowing eight in the active class. After a fourth place finish at the 2001 World Championships she steered the eighth at the 2002 World Championships to the title. 2003 won the controlled Whipple eight two World Cup regattas, but finished at the World Championships in Milan only fifth place. In 2004 won the U.S. Eighth twice in the World Cup, the final of the Olympic Games was subject to the boat the Romanians.

After the U.S. had eight finished fourth at the World Championships in 2005, Whipple steered their boat in 2006 at Eton and 2007 in Munich each to the world title. At the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 Whipple then won silver after 2004, the Olympic gold medal. 2009 won the U.S. eight world title without Mary Whipple, but in 2010 in Hamilton and 2011 in Bled she was back in the world championship eights. At the Olympic Games in London Whipple drove the U.S. eight, who won the gold medal in the cast Erin Cafaro, Zsuzsanna Francia, Esther Lofgren, Taylor pinion, Meghan Musnicki, Elle Logan, Caroline Lind, Caryn Davies and Mary Whipple.

Mary Whipple graduated from the University of Washington and trained at Princeton.