Ilona Richter

Ilona Richter ( born March 11, 1953 in Neukirchen, after marriage Ilona Dörfel ) is a former rower from the GDR. 1976 and 1980 she was Olympic champion in the eighth.

Ilona Richter began at age 13 with the rowing. First you belonged to the TSC Berlin, in 1969 she went to Berlin for the SC - Grunau newly established. In 1972, she was the GDR champion sculls. In 1973 she moved to Sweep Rowing and from 1974 to 1980 she was with the exception of the years 1977 and 1978 always the GDR aft to.

1974 and 1975 she was awarded the GDR Eighth World Champion, a year later, the GDR eight competed in the occupation Viola Goretzki, Christiane Knetsch, Ilona Richter, Brigitte Ahren wood, Monika Kallies, Henrietta Ebert, Helma Lehmann, Irina Müller, control woman was Marina Wilke. This team won at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal with three seconds ahead of the Soviet Union.

In 1977, Judge Ilona World Champion with the quad with coxswain of the SC Berlin- Grunau. In 1979 she became Vice World Champion with the eighth. 1980 at the Olympic Games in Moscow, she was next to control Ms. Marina Wilke and Christiane Koepke ( - Knetsch ) is the only Olympic gold medalist in 1976 in the eighth. Martina Boesler, Kersten Neisser, Christiane Kopke, Birgit contactor, Gabriele Kühn, Ilona Richter, Marita Sand, Karin Metze and Marina Wilke won by just a second ahead of the Soviet boat.

After the second Olympic victory she ended her athletic career. After her graduation in Physics and Crystallography lived and researched it from 1983 to 1986 with her husband, Dr. Bernd- Dietrich Dörfel, in Dubna. 1987 doctorate Ilona Dörfel. After 1990, she was a research assistant at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, she has been responsible for electron microscopy.

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