Lesley Thompson

Lesley Allison Thompson - Willie ( born as Lesley Allison Thompson, born September 20, 1959 in Toronto ) is a Canadian coxswain in rowing. She took part in seven by 2012 Olympic Games, where she won five medals.


Thompson began as an athlete and was until 1983 active as a gymnast. In 1978 she began rowing in 1980 it belonged to the Canadian Olympic squad, which could not compete because of the Olympic boycott. Your first finals at World Rowing Championships 1981 Thompson reached the fourth place in the eighth. She then moved into the quad, with whom she in Los Angeles won the Olympic silver medal in 1984. After bronze medals at the World Championships in 1985 and 1986 was followed by a sixth place in the quad in 1987, the entire team rowed in the 1987 Canadian eights, but only won the B-final. At the 1988 Olympic Games, the Canadian foursome also missed the A-final and finished as the winner of the B-final in seventh place.

Lesley Thompson won in 1991 with the Canadian Eighth World Championship gold; it was followed by Olympic gold in 1992 with a boat, in which both the Olympic champions in two without as well as that of the six rowers rowing eight in 1992 won the quad without sitting, two gold medals. After a seventh place of the rowing eight at the World Rowing Championships in 1994 and a sixth place in 1995 down to Jessica Monroe and Lesley Thompson newly occupied eight won the 1996 Olympic silver medal.

At the 1997 World Championships, the Canadian eight also won the silver medal, but were with Alison Korn, Emma Robinson and Lesley Thompson only three rowers from last year's rollercoaster there. With just a few line-up changes, the Canadian Roller won the bronze medal at the World Championships in 1998 and 1999 as well as at the Olympic Games 2000. Thereafter Lesley Thompson ended her career for the time being.

In 2005, she started back again with the training and 2006, she was back at the world championships and reached the quarter- fifth. After a sixth place in 2007 of eight finished fourth at the Olympic Games 2008. Ten years after her silver medal from Sydney won Lesley Thompson 2010 silver behind the U.S. eighth, 2011 in Bled again won the U.S. from Canada and at the 2012 Olympic Games she received her fifth Olympic medal.


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