Sanski Most

Sanski Most is a town and the associated Općina ( large village ) in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The city is located on the middle reaches of Sana in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since Sanski Most is also located on the Sana inflows Sanica, Dabar, Bliha, Japra, Zdena, Majdanska Rijeka, Šašinka and Kozica, it is ( grad na devet Rijeka ) also known as "City by nine rivers ". Sanski Most is bordered to the west by the large municipalities of Bosanska Krupa, Bosanski Petrovac, on the south by Ključ, as well as in the north and east by the Općina Oštra Luka, which used to be the territory of the greater municipality of Sanski belonged Most, but by the Treaty of Dayton to the Bosnian War came to the Republika Srpska.

To the west and southwest of Sanski Most is the mountain range Grmec, east there are the mountains and Mulež Behramaginica.


The main sights are the mosque in the city center and the old bridge over the Sana, which gave the town its name.

In the areas adjacent to Sanski Most small villages ( Pobrijezje, Novo naselje, Hrustovo, Tomina, Vrhpolje, Kamengrad, Kruhari ) and the surrounding area there are other attractions such as the Hrustovačka Cave, Sanica source or the waterfalls of Banjica. On the banks of the Sana there are many cafes and restaurants.


Main Square

Sana river

Hamzibegs Mosque

Hamzibegs Mosque

Croatian supermarket Konzum


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Abdulah Šarčević (* 1929 in Stari Maidan ), philosopher
  • Kemal Malovcic (* 1951), turbo - folk singer
  • Vukašin Brajić (* 1984), Pop-/Rockmusiker