V'Zot HaBerachah

Wesot Habracha (Hebrew וזאת הברכה, "And this is the blessing " - supplement: Moses ) is a reading section ( Parasha or Sidra ) of the Torah, and includes the text Deuteronomy / Devarim 33.1 to 34.12.

It is the Sidra of the Simchat Torah celebration.


  • Moses blesses before his death the individual tribes except the tribe of Simeon.
  • God lets him see the whole country.
  • Moses dies aged 120 years.
  • God himself buries him, nobody knows of Moses grave.
  • Israel mourns 30 days to Moses.
  • Israel obeyed Joshua and executes all commands that gave Moses God.
  • Completion of the Pentateuch: " a prophet is never again in Israel like Moses occurred. "


The corresponding Haftorah is Jos 1:1-18.