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Volda is a place and a municipality of the Norwegian Fylke (administrative district ) Møre og Romsdal. The administrative center of the municipality is Volda.

The municipality extends from north to south, including the Rovdefjorden 31.8 kilometers from east to west by 40.2 km. The highest elevation was 1482 meters high Kyrkjefjellet, the largest body of water in the interior is the 3.8 square kilometer Bjørkedalsvatnet where is the famous boat builders village Bjørkedal. The population density is about 16 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Neighboring municipalities are Ørsta, Ulstein and Vanylven and the municipalities Hornindal and oath of the adjacent Fylke Sogn og Fjordane.


In the town of Volda is the public university founded in 1994 Høgskulen i Volda.


Volda, located on the road 39 about four miles north of the city is the airport Ørsta - Volda Hovden.


  • The Volda Kyrkje is a built in Volda 1932 cruciform church with an organ Furtwängler.
  • The open air museum Volda Rural Museum in Volda.
  • The wooden Dalsfjord Kyrkje is a cruciform church built in 1910 with 400 seats in Dalsfjord.
  • The Aarflotmuseet is a museum with its own printing plant in Eikset.

Famous residents

  • Maria Parr, an award-winning Norwegian author of children's books