2559 ( March 31, 2013 )

Gjemnes is a Norwegian municipality in the province (county ) Møre og Romsdal. Administrative headquarters are Batnfjordsøra.


Neighboring municipalities are free, Ting full, Nesset, Molde, Fræna, oaths and Averøy.

Economy and Transport

The paint manufacturer Gjøco A / S is based in Torvikbukt. Gjøco A / S in Norway has the second largest market share in the field of interior colors. There are also in the community Gjemnes a furniture factory.

In addition, agriculture is a major industry. However, many farms have been abandoned because often no one wants to take over the farm in the families of farmers in recent years.

Tourism is also an important source of income for the region.

The most important link is the European route 39 to Molde. About the free fjord tunnel and the provincial road 70 Gjemnes is connected to Kristiansund.