Zvyozdny gorodok (urban-type settlement)

Zvezdny Gorodok (Russian Звёздный Городок to German Star City, in some publications Star City, English Star City; official name until 2009 Закрытый военный городок № 1, Sakryty wojenny gorodok 1 ) is a closed urban-type settlement near the city Schtscholkowo north-east of Moscow in Russia. The town has 6332 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).

In Zvezdny Gorodok It is the training center of the Russian (and formerly Soviet ) cosmonaut, the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre ( Центр Подготовки Космонавтов имени Ю А Гагарина, transliteration: .. Tsentr Podgotowki Kosmonawtow imeni Ju A. Gagarin, abbreviation ЦПК / CICR ​​. ). Since the 1960s, here all cosmonauts are prepared for their flights into space, eg the space station ISS. So is the cosmonaut training center, the world 's largest centrifuge, which was built in 1980 and its use at a number of 36 revolutions per minute can last up to 12 g on the driver.

Also located at the training ground a water basin (12 m deep, 20 m wide), in which can be trained using a model repairs in zero gravity. For simulation of technical failures earlier was also a ( dry ) 1:1 model of a part of the MIR ready, which now serves only as an exhibition piece.

In Zvezdny Gorodok was and is still the Russian secret service active. During the time the Soviet Union was the " Star City " strictly shielded from the outside world. Even today, it is moved by a wall and bordered by a forest. Inside the city only paths lead past military controls. A passage is usually possible only with a permit, the only residents or have registered guests.

In Zvezdny Gorodok many of the Russian cosmonauts live with their families. For the families of the astronauts several lakes artificially created. There is also a supermarket and a school that has a partnership with the Friedrich -August- Genth Comprehensive School in Waechtersbach (Hessen).

Information and images to reach the public since the opening, in particular through the space tourism.

Zvezdny Gorodok has a larger airport ( military airfield Chkalovsky ).