1997–98 Eredivisie

The 1997/98 season was the 44th season of the Eredivisie, the highest Dutch football league. Champion for the 27th time Ajax Amsterdam. Descent had to FC Groningen and FC Volendam.

In the Relegation to RKC Waalwijk and SC Cambuur - Leeuwarden prevailed, which thus play in the Eredivisie in 1998/99. For Waalwijk, this means the league, Cambuur for the ascent.

  • 2.1 Group A
  • 2.2 Group B

Final Table


Relegation Play-off

Group A

Group B

Cross Table

The cross table presents the results of all games this season represents the home team is listed in the left column and the visiting team in the top row.

The champion team of Ajax Amsterdam

( Players with at least 3 inserts were taken into account; provided in parentheses to the matches and goals are specified)

Top scorers