Bautzen (district)

The district of Bautzen ( Upper Sorbian Wokrjes Budyšin ) in eastern Saxony is the geographically largest district of the Free State with Bautzen, Bischofswerda, Kamenz, Hoyerswerda and Radeberg as major district towns. It is bordered to the north by Brandenburg, on the east by the district of Görlitz, on the south by the Czech Republic and the District Saxon Switzerland & Eastern Ore Mountains. The neighbors to the west are the city of Dresden and the district of Meißen. The circle is a member of the euro region Neisse.


The district stretches from the Brandenburg border on the Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape and the Lusatian mountains to Wilthen and Cunewalde ( colloquially referred to as Upper Country ) to the Czech border in Sohland on the Spree. The highest elevation is the Valtenberg ( 587 m) in Neukirch / Lausitz. The largest north-south extension of the circle is about 63 km, and the largest east - west extension of about 65 km.

The largest river in the district is the River Spree, which flows through Bautzen. Smaller rivers are the Spreearm Little River Spree, the black water, the water Löbauer, the Schwarze Elster, the Great Röder and Wesenitz, located on the Bischofswerda. The largest surface waters Speichersee Lohsa II at Lohsa. In the center of the county, there are numerous ponds and lakes that were created for the purpose of fishing.

The 2390 km ² large district area is in the north mainly covered with pine forest, the middle part is intensively farmed, while the Lusatian land predominates spruce or mixed forest.

The centroid of the county is located in Neudörfel (municipality Räckelwitz ).

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Through the county's main roads run 6 (Dresden - Bautzen- Görlitz), 96 ( Hoyerswerda Bautzen -Zittau ), 97 ( Cottbus- Dresden), 98 (time grove - Laußnitz and Bischofswerda - OppachEquipment ) and 156 ( white-water Bautzen ). In addition, the motorway is 4 (Dresden - Görlitz) to 65.22 km length of the area of the district. In this there are nine interchanges, namely Ottendorf- Okrilla, Pulsnitz, Ohorn, Burkau, Uhyst on divers Salzenforst, Bautzen West, Bautzen - East and White Mountain. Transport airfields located in Litten east of Bautzen and Kamenz, special airfields in Klix, Nardt in Hoyerswerda and Brauna. Rail connections exist from Dresden to Görlitz Radeberg, Bischofswerda and Bautzen, branching off from the routes Bischofswerda -Zittau, Dresden - Koenigsbrueck and Arnsdorf -Kamenz. In the north of the railway line crosses over Węgliniec-Falkenberg/Elster Hoyerswerda the district area.


Got its present shape the county on 1 August 2008, when the districts of Bautzen and Kamenz and the district-free city since 1996 Hoyerswerda were merged as part of the district reform in Saxony in 2008.

On 25 May 2009, the county received the loaned by the federal government entitled " City of Diversity".

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In the district election on June 8, 2008, sat Michael Harig (CDU ) with 51.6 % of the votes in the first round against five competitors through.


The council of the district of Bautzen was also elected on 8 June 2008. The 98 seats on the council are distributed as follows among the individual parties:

* A deputy came due to the political positions of Henry Nitzsche in December 2008 from the alliance, but remains in the county council. A little later, a deputy of the FDP came over to AFV.

Cities and Towns

Subsequently, all independent political units of the district are called. All settlements are found in the list of places in the district of Bautzen. The population figures are written by the 31 December 2012. Italic Sorbian community names have no official status.