F. G. "Teddy" Oke Trophy

The FG " Teddy" Oke Trophy is an ice hockey trophy in the American Hockey League, which is named after the owner of the Canadian Professional Hockey League teams from Kitchener, Teddy Oke, named. The trophy has been used since season 2011/12 awarded to the winner of the Northeast Division. The award has been around since 1924 and since the 1936/37 season - the first season of the league - in possession of the AHL. This makes it the oldest in the league and one of the oldest in professional hockey at all.

In the American Hockey League, the trophy was mostly awarded to division winners. Between 1952 and 1961, and in the 1976/77 season it was awarded to the champion of the league.

Winners of the F. G. "Teddy" Oke Trophy