Ferrari 340

The Ferrari 340 is a 1951-1953 built in different variants sports and sports racing cars of the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari. In the model family also includes the Ferrari 342 America. The description goes back to the rounded content of a single cylinder.

America 340 (1951)

In 1951 Ferrari took in addition to the models with the smaller, by Gioacchino Colombo designed V12 larger models into the program, which has been driven by variants of the larger V12 engine developed mainly by engineer Aurelio Lampredi based on the Colombo V12 for racing. Constructive main difference of the two V12 engine family was allowed amongst other changes, the enlarged from 90 to 108 mm for the Lampredi V12 cylinder spacing, the larger hole sizes.

First such series model was the Ferrari end of 1950 for the first time shown at the Paris Salon 340 America, whose name suggested, where the work these more expensive models to sell primarily intended.

The 4.1 -liter V12 ( bore x stroke: 70 x 68 mm) made ​​with three Weber carburetors 40DCF double and 8:1 compressed 162 kW (220 hp) at 6000 rpm. Late received copies instead of the wet - dry sump lubrication. Otherwise corresponded to the technology of the 340 America, which was primarily used in motor sports, with box frame, front double wishbones, a solid rear axle and drum brakes on all the other contemporary Ferrari models.

From the 340 America emerged on the short wheelbase of 2420 mm in 1951 a total of 5 Ghia coupe with bodywork, 7 Barchetten and two coupes and 5 Touring coupe, 5 Spider and a cabriolet Vignale ( from designs by Giovanni Michelotti ), a total of 25 copies.

340 Mexico ( 1952)

1952 Ferrari prepared for participation in the Carrera Panamericana four from the 340 America derived vehicles on the long wheelbase of 2600 mm and baptized them, according to the occasion, in the name of 340 Mexico.

Thanks to higher compression and other carburetors the 4.1 -liter V12 made ​​in Mexico 206 kW (280 hp) at 6600/min. Vignale karossierte all four Mexico- car, three as a coupe, a as Spider. The spider was not in the Carrera to the start, a coupe fell on the first day, another one from the third day and one occupied at the end of the third.

340 MM ( 1953)

In the season of 1953 denied Ferrari GT racing with the 340MM ( Mille Miglia ) with a wheelbase of 2500 mm. Here, the 4.1 -liter SOHC V12 made ​​thanks to three Weber carburetors 40DCF 221 kW ( 300 hp) at 6600/min.

It created a total of 10 specimens, two Spider with touring body, 5 Vignale Spider ( by Michelotti design ) and three Pinin Farina - Berlinetten.

The 900 kg light 340MM won his first race, the Giro di Sicilia in April 1953, and shortly thereafter the Mille Miglia and served as the starting point for the development of the Ferrari 375MM with a larger 4.5 -liter V12.

342 America

As a civilian GT model led Ferrari 1952 342 America on a longer wheelbase of 2650 mm and a slower 4.1 -liter engine a. In 342, the machine came officially to 206 kW ( 280 hp). While the racing versions had a five-speed gearbox, the 1200 kg heavy 342 contented himself with a four-speed unit.

It resulted in 6 copies of the 342 America, 3 coupes and convertibles 2 (one with 4.5-liter V12) with Pininfarina bodywork and a Vignale cabriolet.