Gilbert Fuchs

Anton Gilbert Fuchs ( * 1871 in Graz, † 1952) was a German figure skater, forest scientist, zoologist and entomologist. He is the figure skating world champion in 1896 and 1906.

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Figure skating

As a figure skater was Fox 's first world champion of his sport. He started on the prestigious Munich EV and thus for Germany, and trained at the first public ice rink in Germany: " Unsöldschen ice rink ", which was opened in 1892. He won in 1896 the first world championship in figure skating in Saint Petersburg. In 1906, he became the second -time world champion in Munich.

The relationship between him and his eternal rival Ulrich Salchow was tense. So Salchow in 1906 in Munich, not because he feared adverse treatment by the judges in Fuchs ' hometown, while Fox did not compete at the Olympic Games in 1908, because he too felt unfairly treated by judges. Fox defeated Salchow only once, at the European Championships 1901 in Vienna. Here he was, however, also " only" second. European champion Gustav hill from Austria.

Gilbert Fuchs learned figure skating in the self-study, after he had exercised several other sports, such as gymnastics, weight lifting and putting the stone. He finished high school and then the military service in a cavalry regiment.


(*) Injured in an accident while hunting in the mountains

Forest scientists

Gilbert Fuchs studied Agricultural Sciences in Vienna, and Forestry in Munich.

He ran morphological studies on bark beetles, including the two -part work Morphological studies on bark beetles appeared, and received his doctorate in 1929 on the European timber industry of the post-war period.


His grave is located at the Central Cemetery in Villach.

Writings (selection )

Forestry Scientific works

  • About the propagation conditions of the bark beetle breeding connected with an historical and critical account of the previous literature, Munich 1907
  • Morphological studies on bark beetles, 2 parts, München 1911/1912
  • Farmers and large estates in German Austria. Ideas and proposals for the formation of forest and Weidgenossenschaften, consolidation of farmsteads, bringing the peasantry. Political- economic study, Karlsruhe 1919
  • New bound to bark weevils and nematodes, halbparasitische and Wohnungseinmieter. Free-living nematodes of moss and forest soil in bark weevils and transitions, in: Zoological yearbooks, Volume 59, Jena 1930
  • The European timber industry of the post- doctoral thesis, Vienna 1931 ( main band and Supplement Austria forestry and timber industry)
  • Some nematodes in Scolytus scolytus F, in Capita Zoologica, Deel 4, afl. 1, 's Gravenhage 1933
  • New parasitic nematodes in halbparasitische and bark beetles and some other nematodes, in: Zoological Yearbooks (Volume 70, books 5/6, Volume 71, booklets 1 /2), Jena 1937/1938
  • The Styrian Provincial Forestry. Landscape, yield conditions, history, Habilitation Thesis, Graz 1958

Book about hunting

  • For Styrian Archduke Johann Memorial 1959. Styrian hunter custom, Graz 1959

Books about figure skating

  • Theory and practice of art run on ice, Villach - Lind 1926 (2nd edition under the title figure skating in theory and practice, edited by Bartholomew noise, Munich 1954)