Grupo ACS

Grupo ACS ( Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, SA) is a listed Spanish construction company based in Madrid. The company is in the European ranking of construction companies ranked 3rd ACS was founded in 1997 by the merger of OCP Construcciones and Ginés Navarro Construcciones. ACS is active in various fields of Spanish large firms. Focuses on construction, infrastructure, telecommunications and energy.

Longtime company president Florentino Pérez. He is also President of the Madrilenian football clubs Real Madrid and in addition to the March family, Alberto Alcocer and Alberto Cortina main shareholder of the company.

Major projects

ACS has worked among others on the following major projects:

  • Alqueva dam, completed: 2002
  • Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, completed: 2005
  • Agbar Tower, completed: 2005
  • Torre de Cristal, completed: 2008
  • Torre Espacio, completed: 2008
  • Torre Repsol, completed: 2008
  • Quick route Perpignan - Figueres, completed: 2009
  • Portugues Dam (Spanish: Represa Portuguese ) in Ponce (Puerto Rico), completion: 2013
  • Port expansion in Tazacorte, started in 2008

Significant investments

ACS is involved in the following companies:

Takeover of Hochtief

In March 2007, ACS announced that they have acquired a stake of 25.01 % in the German construction group Hochtief. As a result, ACS acquired additional shares and held until September 2010 accounted for 29.9 %. On 16 September 2010 ACS announced a public tender offer for the remaining shares in the form of an exchange offer to eight ACS shares for five Hochtief shares. This offer was described by Hochtief as Hostile Takeover. 4 January 2011 ACS was known to hold over 30 % of the shares of Hochtief. On June 17, 2011 High Low said in a mandatory notice that the voting shares of ACS had crossed the day before the threshold of 50 %.