Acciona S. A. is a Spanish conglomerate which is active in the construction, civil engineering and infrastructure as well as on the real estate sector, has been listed on the Spanish stock exchange in Madrid.

It was founded in the merger of the two companies Entrecanales y Tavora and Cubiertas y MZOV 1997. Its seat is located in Alcobendas, near Madrid, Spain. Acciona is headed by José Manuel Entrecanales, which today is € 2.3 billion richer and also President of the Spanish offshoot of thanks to the Vodafone carried out in 2000 the sale of its stake in the Spanish mobile phone company Airtel to the British Vodafone Group.

In 2006, the group achieved a turnover of € 6.272 billion with a profit of € 1.37 billion and employed 35,385 people.

Struggle for acquisition of Endesa

In 2006, Acciona was in Germany a wider audience thus known to be announced end of September 2006, having bought 10 % of the shares of the largest Spanish utility Endesa. September 29, 2006 Acciona announced to have an option to purchase a further 3.69% of the shares and to aim for a stake of just under 25 %. At the same time competing with Spanish construction group Acciona Grupo ACS announced its intention to acquire 10% of the second largest power utility Iberdrola. ACS already owns a 35 % stake in the third largest Spanish utility Union Fenosa. Therefore came on the financial speculation, surpassing by a merger of the two companies Iberdrola and Unión Fenosa to a Endesa size Spanish energy company and the conditions imposed by the Spanish Energy Commission, CNE, E.ON wants to undertake in the event of a takeover of Endesa, about 30 % of power generation capacity, particularly nuclear and deliver coal plants that Acciona in the interest of the Spanish government wants to prevent the acquisition of Endesa by the Düsseldorf-based energy supplier E.ON, which Acciona denies. Instead, aimed at Acciona to want to help shape the business policy Endesa. Thanks to the current Spanish corporate law, if a company that less than 25 % of the shareholding strives to submit to the other shareholders not tender offer, while a buyer who like E.ON seeks the majority, depending on the examination and approval of the Spanish Energy Commission, CNE. On October 20, 2006 Acciona published to have another option for the purchase of 9.63 % of the share capital. Acciona would thus have a total of 19.63 %.

In early 2007 the decision was made at a joint takeover bid with the Italian Enel in the amount of 41 euros per Endesa share. This and the fact that both companies together hold 46 percent of Endesa already led on 2 April 2007 to withdraw the takeover offer from the German E.ON In turn, the latter acted out of a portfolio of assets with operations in Spain, Italy and France as well as other activities in Poland and Turkey worth about ten billion euros, should the Spanish and Italian companies succeed their joint takeover.

Infrastructure companies

  • Acciona Infraestructuras: Here all the interests of the group of companies with national and international concessions for roads infrastructure are summarized, so both roads, and railways. Tierra Armada, brand in Spain
  • Acciona Concesiones is involved in: Ferroviarios Transportes de Madrid, the Madrid Metro
  • Tunel de Envalira SA, Andorran companies
  • Econorte, Brazilian highway and bridge companies
  • Barcelona tram
  • Concema that the highway M-45 company operating
  • Autopista Radial R-2
  • Autopista Vespucio Sur
  • Autovia de los Viñedos
  • Parla tram
  • AEPO Consultores
  • FREYSSINET, French company
  • SOLS

Real estate companies

  • Acciona Inmobiliaria: In this line of business all activities are summarized, which are related to the building construction and civil engineering. This business worked until 2005 under the brand Necso Entrecanales Cubiertas, which has been renamed Acciona Inmobiliaria. Centro de Negocios Albatros
  • Oficina Eix Macia
  • Edificio Valgrande
  • Edificio Alameda
  • Parque Empresarial Necsohenar
  • Edificio América
  • Edificio Tec 22 @
  • Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande
  • Hotel La Plantación del Sur
  • Hotel Marítimo de Barcelona
  • Hotel Condal Mar
  • Hotel Euro Star Toledo
  • Centro Comercial Aquamall

Logistics and transport companies

In this business, all business interests of the group in the field of airport management and handling, logistics, transport and distribution ( distribution of goods ) are summarized

  • Acciona Trasmediterránea
  • Acciona Logística Terminal de Contenedores de Las Palmas
  • Terminal de Contenedores de Algeciras

The company is called Acciona Logistica, including Transmediterrania Cargo ( international transport plan ), Transfrimur ( international refrigerated transport ), Alcudia ( transport from the mainland to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands ) and about 7 small transport and express companies.

The ferry from Bilbao is dissolved; for two new ferries from Barcelona to Genoa or Savona and Barcelona Citta Vieja opened in Italy.

In February 2012, Acciona Trasmediterránea was sentenced with five other transportation and ferry companies from the independent Spanish Competition Authority (CNC) for illegal price fixing to a penalty in the amount of 36 million euros.

Municipal and environmental services

This division includes all municipal services, such as parking management, waste management, street cleaning, drinking water supply and wastewater treatment, environmental services and funeral services.

  • Acciona Aparcamientos
  • Acciona Servicios Hospitalarios
  • Acciona Servicios Urbanos
  • Acciona Medio Ambiente
  • Acciona Agua
  • Acciona Instalaciones
  • Acciona Sistemas de Seguridad
  • TRM SA
  • Grupo Ramel
  • Ecoparque de La Rioja


This division includes all activities of the group in the field of production of electrical energy, in particular solar, tidal and wind energy under the brand EHN

  • Acciona Energía, the following companies are subsidiaries of Acciona Energía Renomar
  • Iniciativas Energéticas SA
  • Eólicas Energias de Catalunya
  • INR Eólica SA
  • La Compagnie du Vent, French wind energy companies

Other lines of business

In this business, the businesses are combined, which are in no relation to the strategic activities of the group. They include financial services, nutrition and the communications industry.

  • Bestinver
  • Hijos de Antonio Barceló
  • Vocento
  • General de Producciones y Diseño
  • Finanzas Dos SA