North Athens (regional unit)

The Regional District of North Athens is (Greek Periferiaki Enotita Voriou Tomea Athinon Περιφερειακή Ενότητα Βόρειου Τομέα Αθηνών ) is one of eight regional districts of the Greek region of Attica. It was formed on the occasion of the administrative reform in 2010 from numerous northern suburban communities of Athens in Athens Prefecture district. Proportional to its 591 680 inhabitants, the area sends 15 MPs in the Attic Regional Council, but has no more political significance than local authority. It is divided into the communities of Agia Paraskevi, Chalandri, Cholargos - Papagos, Filothei - Psychiko, Heraklion, Kifissia, Maroussi, Metamorfosi, Nea Ionia, Pefki Lykovrysi, Penteli and Vrilissia.