Voiced velar fricative

The velar voiced fricative ( voiced, at the rear dorsum educated fricative ) has in different languages ​​following phonetic and orthographic realizations:

  • German: in some German dialects, eg in Berlinerischen that g is realized in body or in bird as a " soft g", which makes it roughly as "goods" or " Borel " sounds. Also in the Moselle Franconian there are sound rules that intervokalisches g ( also d) upon subsequent e fully in this volume reflect how the syllable [o ː ɣ ] in plowing plore [ plo ː ɣə ] or [ uɣ ] in bird Furel [ fuɣəl ].
  • Modern Greek: Corresponds to the gamma ( γ ) before central or back vowels or consonants before. Examples: μεγάλος [ mɛɣɑlɔs ] big, γράφω [ ɣɾɑfɔ ] I write
  • Examples: magnífico [ maɣnifiko ], peligro [ peliɣɾo ]