Voiceless alveolar fricative

The voiceless alveolar fricative ( a voiceless, to the alveoli educated fricative ) has in different languages ​​following phonetic and orthographic realizations:

  • German [ s]: ß, ss well as individual s under certain conditions: before consonants letters, after voiceless consonants and in word and Silbenauslaut ( here partly a result of devoicing: upon realization of the underlying Morphophonems / z / ).
  • English [ s]: s (usually except between vowels ), and c before e, i and y
  • French [ s]: ss and s ( but often silent in Wortauslaut ) in initial position and both before and after consonants; Also ç and c before e, i and y; t in the suffix -tion. Examples: association [ asɔsjasjɔ ], sensitive [ sɑsibl ], commençons [ kɔmɑsɔ ]