Voiceless retroflex stop

The voiceless retroflex plosive ( a voiceless, with the tongue turned back educated plosive ) is similar in pronunciation with a t defined behind the alveolar ridge tongue. It has the following in different languages ​​phonetic and orthographic realizations:

The voiceless retroflex plosive occurs in almost all South Asian languages ​​, besides also, inter alia, in the Swedish and Norwegian. Examples:

  • Hindi: टमाटर (tomato) [ ʈʌmaʈʌr ]
  • Tamil: எட்டு (eight) [ jɘʈ ː ɯ ]
  • Pashto: ټول (all) [ ʈol ]
  • Swedish: kort (short) [ ko ː ʈ ] ( etymologically a combination of / r / and / t / developed )