Ymir (moon)

Brett Gladman et al.

Ymir (also Saturn XIX) is the third moon of the planet Saturn outer known.


The discovery of Ymir by Brett Gladman on recordings from August 7 to September 29, 2000 was announced on 25 October 2000. Ymir first received the provisional designation S/2000 S 1

It was named after the moon Ymir, the primeval giant in Norse mythology

Path data

Ymir orbiting Saturn on an eccentric orbit at an average distance of 23.13 million km in 1315.6 days or 3.6 years. The orbital eccentricity is 0.33. The railway is 173.5 ° inclined to the ecliptic and therefore retrograde, that is, the moon runs opposite to the direction of rotation of Saturn around the planet.

Structure and physical data

Ymir has a diameter of 18 km. He has a very dark surface with an albedo of about 0.06, ie only 6% of the incident sunlight is reflected.

With an apparent magnitude of 21.7 m Ymir is an extremely light faint object. The rotation period is about 12 hours.