2011 FIA GT1 World Championship season

The FIA ​​GT1 World Championship in 2011 was the second season of the FIA ​​GT1 World Championship. Organised by the SRO Motorsports Group FIA GT1 World Championship in 2011 was ten race weekends on three continents. With Aston Martin, Corvette, Ford, Lamborghini and Nissan entered this season at five vehicle manufacturers.

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Changes in the starting field


After the prescribed by the regulations six producers, each with two teams brought in the debut season of 2010, four vehicles at the start, it looked prior to the 2011 season from long bleak. Both Nissan and Ford could only be so kept in the series, because a team agreed to use four vehicles under two different team name. Also for the Corvette it was not until shortly before closing gates to get two teams together, which, however, inserting only one vehicle in the season opener. But it is precisely the world championship winning car of the first GT1 World Championship season did not make it into the series. For Maserati, no two teams came together who wanted to use two cars in the series. Only the champion team Vitaphone Racing wanted to use their vehicles again, finally gave up because of the hopeless situation but no nomination for the series starting. Thus started in 2011 only five manufacturers in the series.


Some teams retired after the 2010 season back from the GT1 World Championship. Triple H Team Hegersport and Phoenix Racing were dedicated to other projects in the motorsports world, Mad- Croc Racing, a collaboration between the teams Selleslagh Racing Team and DKR Engineering, was dissolved and with Matech Competition (Ford) and Reiter Engineering ( Lamborghini ) withdrew two Developers back from active racing.

In Aston Martin remained the teams Hexis AMR and Young Driver AMR, which occurred in 2010 for the British. With the Lamborghini Murciélago LP670 R -SV The teams All- Inkl.com Munnich Motorsport and Swiss Racing Team came into this year. While René Münnichs force in 2010 set on the Italian cops moved the Swiss army by Nissan to Lamborghini. This, the team JR Motorsports jumped on the Nissan - train. The troops worked under the same roof as the already known Nissan team Sumo Power GT.

Also at Ford both teams came in 2011 from a house. The Marc VDS Racing Team was established as the second pillar of Belgian Racing, a team name, which was already known in the time of the FIA ​​GT Championship. After Corvette 2010s both teams officially no longer were there, but the protagonists were known in this season. The teams DKR Engineering and Selleslagh Racing Team came in 2011 separated from each other on. The French troops had taken the name of a Chinese bank and appeared as Exim Bank Team China.


From the driver duo of last season, only one remained together. Nicky Pastorelli and Dominik Schwager came in 2011 on a Lamborghini. The other teams were made up of different reasons altogether new. Within one's own team, the team Young Driver AMR changed its driver. Darren Turner and Tomas Enge were separated after their successful 2010 season. Turner sits with Stefan Mücke on a car, Narrow got Alex Müller on the page, which was still active on Corvette and Maserati in the last season. Sumo Power GT also restructured internally. Michael Krumm got with Lucas Luhr a new partner. His colleague from last year, Peter Dumbreck, formed a British duo Richard Westbrook, which in 2010 was still driving the Ford GT.

The step in the championship to another team went even further pilots. Peter Kox was, thanks to his Lamborghini connection, Reiter Engineering for Swiss Racing Team. Mike Hezemans moved with his Corvette from Phoenix Racing to Exim Bank Team China. Ricardo Zonta ( Reiter Engineering ) and Enrique Bernoldi ( Vitaphone Racing Team) in 2010 were also in the GT1 World Championship behind the wheel and form a duo in 2011 with Sumo Power GT. Marc Hennerici went from Phoenix Racing for Marc VDS Racing Team, Frédéric Makowiecki changed from Hexis AMR to selbigem team.

In addition, many new pilots came in the championship, including Christian High nobility, last year's winner of the FIA ​​GT3 European Championship.

List of participants

On 10 February 2011, the FIA ​​published the final list of participants with teams and vehicles of the 2011 season.

Race Calendar

The official race calendar was announced on 10 December 2010. The race at the Sachsenring was only added in January. Two races were held per race weekend, the first served as a qualification race for the second. All races stretched over a race time of one hour.

  • Q: qualifying race; M: Championship race


Points system

During the 2010 season, only the first three were the qualifying race points, the number of points winners has been doubled. In the championship race still got the first ten points. The participants had at least 75 % of the traveled distance of the winner complete in order to be included in the summary of each race and receive points. Each driver had at least 25 minutes per race itself be driven to get points.

Drivers' championship

Team standings