Administrative regions of Greece

This list brings together the existing since 1987 regions of Greece, where the Kallikratis program of 2010 from January 1, 2011 the political self-government was granted and since then form the central, regional level of political division in Greece. By 2011 (ie, up to and including 31 December 2010), they were managed by the Greek government directly appointed Generalsakretäre and as, administrative regions ' ( Ez Greek diikitikí periferia διοικητική περιφέρεια ) refers. Since 2011, they only carry the name, region ' ( periferia ). The regions are divided further into regional districts ( Ez gr Periferiaki enotita περιφερειακή ενότητα, literally, a regional entity '), which are largely emerged from the former prefectures and for the regional councils play a role in the allocation of electoral districts, the composition at the 2010 regional elections was determined. In addition, the installation surface data and population figures and the number of communities lists.