AMD 800 chipset series

The AMD 800 chipset series is a family of AMD K10 processors and successor of the AMD 700 series. In contrast to the previous generation, the 800 series is provisionally intended only for socket AM3.


The first model of the 800 series, AMD on 2 March 2010 in front of the computer fair CeBit in Hannover. This was around the 890GX chipset, which, as the name suggests, is to replace the older 790GX chipset from the summer of 2008. Developed under the code name RS880P Northbridge is, however, technically speaking, the presented in August 2009 785G chipset (codenamed RS880 ) identical. Only the existing interface to the Southbridge is now connected via four PCI - Express 2.0 lines which were previously operated even with PCI Express 1.1 standard. By default now designated as "A- Link Express III ", the transmission rate increases to a total of 4 GB / s (2 GB / s per direction). Recently developed, however, is the SB850 Southbridge natively supports the first SATA III standard. Previously, this had to be provided via additional chips. The USB 3.0 interface is not supported by the chipset itself, but offer many motherboards with an AMD chipset also 8- USB 3.0, which is realized via an additional NEC controller. Likely that the development of the SB850 chips was already too far advanced to the final USB 3.0 specification was completed. As an IGP, the Radeon HD 4290 is used, whereby there is a higher clocked Radeon HD 4200. The RV620 graphics processor still used but is now operated with 700 instead of 500 MHz.

The models 890FX, 880G and 870 followed on April 27, 2010.

Model Overview

All chipsets are named after the northbridge used.


Integrated graphics ( IGP)

Some chipsets AMD 800 series have an integrated graphics core ( IGP). The models differ mainly by the clock rate, which is higher by 25 % in the HD 4290.

A multi- screen operation is possible in both models, but only a digital interface can each be simultaneously addressed. Thus, only the modes, VGA DVI, VGA VGA HDMI or DisplayPort are possible.

South Bridges

Moreover, with the SB810 was planned a stripped SB850, which is postponed indefinitely. It should correspond to the SB850, but mastered by only SATA II and RAID mode does not support 5. Since (as of June 2011), the chipset 900 series with another new South Bridges is already available, a publication of SB810 appears, however, very questionable.