Alchemy (microarchitecture)

  • AMD
  • RMI
  • NetLogic Microsystems
  • Broadcom

Alchemy is a microprocessor family of the company Raza Microelectronics ( RMI short ). The processors were released on June 13, 2006 by Advanced Micro Devices under a strategic partnership to RMI. RMI will further develop the Alchemy product range and AMD continue to market them under their own name. RMI was acquired by NetLogic Microsystems, a specialist in network components, in turn, acquired by Broadcom itself in February 2012.


Alchemy is based on a 32- bit MIPS architecture with numerous enhancements such as AES encryption and the like. The design is optimized for low power consumption.

Area of ​​application

The Alchemy is mainly installed in embedded systems such as Web pads or set- top boxes. The operating system is Microsoft Windows CE.NET, Linux or VxWorks are used.


  • Au1000
  • Au1100
  • Au1200, Au1250
  • Au1310, Au1320, Au1350, Au1370, Au1380
  • Au1500, Au1550