Hubert Work

Hubert Work ( born July 3, 1860 in Marion Center, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, † December 14, 1942 in Denver, Colorado ) was an American politician of the Republican Party, who belonged to the U.S. Cabinet from 1922 to 1928.

Politically rose Hubert Work initially within the Republican Party, whose section in Colorado, he led in 1912. In 1920 he was a member of the delegation from his state at the Republican National Convention; the Republican National Committee, he stood from 1928 to 1929 as Chairman before.

1914 went to work in a by-election to the U.S. Senate, but was defeated by Democrat Charles S. Thomas, who later became governor of Colorado. Work received 39 percent of the vote, Thomas 40.3 percent. This was the first time in Colorado - was elected a senator by the people - based on the 17th Amendment.

U.S. President Warren G. Harding appointed Hubert Work in 1922 as Postmaster ( Postmaster General ) in his cabinet. In 1923 he moved to the office of the U.S. Interior Minister; this post he retained even after Harding died and Calvin Coolidge had succeeded him until 1928. During his time as Minister of the Interior, it was the norm, that Indians were given U.S. citizenship.

Hubert Work, died in 1942 in Colorado, and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.