Liechtenstein in the Eurovision Song Contest

Unofficial participation efforts Liechtenstein to the Euro Vision Song Contest existed in the history of the country several times, most recently in 2010. The reason for their failure was always the lack of membership of a radio station Liechtenstein in the European Broadcasting Union ( EBU). A first attempt was made for the contest in 1976. Since 2009, the Liechtenstein transmitter 1FL TV has tried repeatedly to join the EBU and participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest. However, all these attempts failed due to insufficient financial requirements or other formalities.

Liechtenstein is next to the Vatican the only undisputed independent European state, has never participated in the Euro Vision Song Contest.


In 1968 the title Un beau matin appeared ( " A Beautiful Morning "), claiming to be the official contribution of the country for 1969. However, it was a joke of a French comedian. Neither had Liechtenstein a radio or television station, nor would a contribution may be submitted in French, since the rule was to sing only in the local language.

Participation was provided in 1976 with the performer Biggi Bachmann and the song My little cowboy. However, unsuccessful participation as Liechtenstein at that time had neither its own radio station or a television station.

For national holiday on 15 August 2008, the first television station Liechtenstein 1FL TV began operations. In October 2008 it was announced that the sender has determined the cost of membership of the EBU and the former budget did not allow a candidate.

In July 2009, it was uttered by 1FL TV that you now believe to be able to meet the requirements, and would provide an application for membership in the same month. In September 2009, expressed the managing director of the station, you have made ​​them even participate in 2010 in a view, but nothing was finalized. In November 2009, it was said, however, that they wanted to " reconsider " the request. Participation prior to 2011 thus became impossible. We had no idea how to " on the fly " could afford the expected annual cost of 100,000 Swiss francs for membership and participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest. A promise we have therefore not want to venture. It had now been agreed to wait six months.

In July 2010 it was announced that 1FL TV not receiving funds from the state media promotion. Of these, one had previously made the ESC participation dependent. However, it expressed now that participation also could take place regardless. Man was talking to potential partners and considering a wide talent show. The necessary 300,000 Swiss francs you have available. There were also talks with producer Alexander Walser A requested special permit for immediate membership of the EBU was rejected by this in August 2010. Certain documents were still nachzureichen and update, expressed the transmitter cable. Thus was also participate in the ESC 2011 is no longer possible. In October Svante Stockselius however, said that the rules had been changed and now may also submit contributions institutions that are in the recording process in the EBU. In December 2010, the application of 1FL TV on the EBU was rejected. This month, the media promotion for the sender was rejected.

Participation in the ESC 2012 could not take place as well. The transmitter leadership expressed in November 2011, you 'll be the EBU membership and participation ESC only advance when you get the media promotion. 2013 and 2014 no participation was planned.

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