Andorra in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Andorra as a former participant in the Euro Vision Song Contest.


Andorra took part in the competition for the first time in 2004. None of the six previous posts of the country failed to qualify for the final. In 2006, Jenny in the semi-finals on the last place, in 2007 failed Andorra with the 12th place for the first time just short of the final qualification. With 15th place and 16th place the country in 2008 and 2009 reached again only the table end of the semi-finals. Andorra is now next to the Czech Republic and Montenegro, the first time took part in 2007, and the first time in 2008 participating San Marino, the only country that has never reached the finals.

Since 2010, Andorra will for financial reasons, not the competition.

National preliminary decisions

The first Andorran entry was punts selected in 2004 in an over nine rounds extending preliminary named 12 from a total of 12 songs: In the first six weeks provided the functions previously selected singers Until a Up and Marta Roure ever a title before, from each of which the best qualified for the semi-final rounds. In the two semi-finals of the six titles were three presented, of which each one of Marta Roure and one of Up Up and a third of both together; each of the best tracks made ​​it to the final, where the two songs were sung by both. Marta Roure was elected in a separate vote as the winner. Only the interpreter was determined internally by a jury and then her song selected three proposals in a public preliminary named Desitja'm Sort 2005. 2006 performer and song were chosen internally and presented in the show Alguna cosa Batęga, as of 2007. Again in 2008, the TV station decided for an internal qualification, in December 2007, the singer and the song titles were announced, as was a section of the song in the published Internet.

According to the results continue to be bad RTVA decided again in 2009 for a preliminary decision. He was entitled Passaport a Moscou. There were three titles against each other, and a mixture of jury and televoting determined the winner.


The first three contributions of Andorra have been completely presented in Catalan. This language was never before used on the Eurovision Song Contest stage, although the Spanish contribution in 1968 was originally to be sung in Catalan, which was not allowed under Francisco Franco's regime. 2007 was mixed in English and Catalan sung. 2008, the contribution Casanova was first sung almost exclusively in English, only six words were in Catalan. 2009 Susanne Georgi sang the verses of La teva decisio in Catalan, the chorus was in English. In the original version of the song, this was different, the verses were Catalan, only the last line of the chorus were English.

List of posts

Note: years without finals are marked light red, dark red seats last ( HF = semi-finals ).


  • Exceptional is the tuning ratio between Andorra and its neighbor Spain. In the years 2004 and 2006 Andorra received only points from Spain (twelve or eight ). In return Andorra awarded in each year of its participation with the exception of 2007 in the final his highest rating on Spain. 2007 appointed a panel of experts instead of televoting, the result, and Spain had no points. Average Andorra has forgiven so both the most points in Spain and received (10 or 10.8 )