Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Montenegro as participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

Regularity of participation and success in competition

Montenegro took part in the competition for the first time in 2007, but different as in the two following years, from the semi-finals. 2010, the Montenegrin Broadcasting ( RTCG ) withdrew for financial reasons from Euro Vision Song Contest. 2011 RTCG had had initially put on the provisional list of participants, but attendance also canceled for financial reasons. 2012 Montenegro returned back to the competition, but different - as in the following year in 2013 - in the semifinals.

From 1961 to 1992 Montenegro adopted under the flag of SFR Yugoslavia in the competition. TV Titograd ( the former name of RTCG ) presented here in 1983 and 1984 the contribution. 1983 reached Danijel with Dzuli fourth place in 1984 came Vlado Kalember and Izolda Barudžija Ciao amore only to 18th place. Now part of Serbia and Montenegro - - After the collapse of Yugoslavia, Montenegro was locked up to and including 2003 from the competition. In 2005, the group won with No Name zauvijek moja the preliminary Evropesma and reached for the confederation to seventh place in Kiev. In 2006, they prevailed, but was not sent to the international finals. When Evropesma the Montenegrin jurors had not voted in favor of songs from the Serbian part of the country, so the favorites of the phone vote only reached the second place. The Union of the public broadcaster of Serbia and Montenegro did not recognize the victory of the group then. However, as no compromise could be found, Serbia and Montenegro participated with any song post on Euro Vision Song Contest 2006, but only in the vote.


The first two posts were sung in Montenegro Montenegrin language. 2009, however, Just Get Out of My Life was sung in English. From zauvijek volim te also an English version exists called Never Forget I Love You, but neither Stevan Faddy still Demirović Andrea took their songs in other languages ​​. Euro neuro was in English and 2013 Igranka on Montenegrin again in 2012. Also in 2014 svijet again sung with Moj in local language.

National preliminary decisions

2007, the Montenegrin post in a preliminary decision called Montenegro song was chosen. It included ten performers, was decided by a phone vote. In 2008, the televoting decided the winner of the event, the song was later elected by the transmitter itself jury. 2009 RTCG went to an internal selection of songs on which was maintained in 2012 and 2013.

By 2009, all artists took part at least once in the previous preliminary rounds of Montenegro and Serbia and Montenegro. Also, all composers were previously included in the international competition at least once.

List of posts

Color legend: - Victories. - A tie to the last place. - Contributions finals.